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Industry: Electronics

With a focus on providing exactly what our customer needs with a high quality, low cost solution, Briter Products has a wide range of RV-specialized products from electronics to ladders to fit people's needs. After a year of product development we are proud to announce the arrival of our Deep-cycle Ion-Ready™ Lithium Ion Batteries with their groundbreaking State of Charge LCD display. In early 1990, we started supplying grab bar fitting products and later door and actuator products to the bus industry. Our background and experience led the way for Briter Products, Inc. to custom develop varied solutions including electronic products such as cameras and energy efficient batteries, radios, multi-media centers and SMART TVs for our customers. ? With a focus on the long-term, we believe our proudest solutions not only benefit the one using it but the entire ecosystem.
Deep-cycle Ion-Ready™ Lithium Ion Battery

Designed exclusively for the RV, the Ion-Ready™ battery leads with the groundbreaking State of Charge Display. Our Battery has 2 configurations for different applications, the Top LCD for top down viewing and Side LCD for basement storage.

Roof Access Ladders

Custom built to our customers' specifications with light weight but sturdy aluminum to endure the elements outside the RV.

Waterproof Rear camera with Audio

A bird's eye view for behind your RV, this camera is water proof and adjustable for your needs. It's Audio feature allows you to hear what's behind your rig and enables you to back up with confidence.

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